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    We at KSR Computers a HP Printer Service Center in Vadalur, are dedicated to all sorts of laser Printer repair and services, we also offer our printer repair services throughout the Tamilnadu, for the HP LaserJet Printers, Sharp Digital Multifunction Printers, Canon Printers and Konica Minolta Printers Repairs & services in Vadalur, virudhachalam, Sethiyathope & Panruti. We provide repairs to all sorts of Printer Error codes, along with free inspections, diagnosis and major support for all major branded Laser Printer companies like Canon, RICOH, Konica Minolta and Sharp Digital MFPs. On top of that we provide a nationwide Printer rental service to SMEs throughout Vadalur, virudhachalam, Sethiyathope & Panruti. We have been in the business since 2009 that makes us one of the reliable companies at providing services for your Printers in Vadalur, virudhachalam, Sethiyathope & Panruti As for services, our clients are always offered the complete package of printer repair services in accordance to their printer model and make and their unique requirements. Having a wide range of professional trained printer technicians to deal with your printer problems, we at KSR Computers. will only deliver the product until its 100% tested to work in every environment, so you won't have to worry about printer issues anymore.

Being a affordable printer repair company in Tamilnadu, we offer all sorts of services and repair for your HP LaserJet printers, Canon MFP and Sharp Digital MFP series printers. Having blank printouts or faded printouts, thin, dark vertical Black lines on print, skewed images, having blank portions on pages or any other technical or hardware related issues, worry not. Just give us a call and we will be promptly available to help and resolve your problems that too at the shortest amount of time.

Having realized the importance of a HP or Sharp printer without any problems in any business, we know the value of time that affects you, if in any case your printer is broken or damaged. That is why we only take highly trained technicians who not only does a quick repair to your printer but also works as a mentor to the employees to train how to prevent or lower printer issues. With quality printer repair technicians from our services, all your printer repairs be it software glitches or hardware damages are easily solved. 

All the spare parts used to repair or service your printers are genuine and imported from the manufacturers like HP Canon and Sharp.

LaserJet Enterprise Printer Repair Services

    We are a team of professional and skilled experts in all major branded printers like HP LaserJet, Canon MFP and Sharp Digital MFP. We offer a wide range of Printer maintenance and services and at the same time we are always glad to help you with any unconventional printer maintenance needs:

ü  HP LaserJet Printer Error Troubleshooting

ü  Sharp Digital MFP, Configuration & Setup

ü  Canon Printer Maintenance Agreement

ü  Printer Connectivity Problem Fixing

ü  Drum Unit Replacement Service of HP LaserJet Printers

ü  HP Printer Fuser Unit Replacement Service

ü  Paper Jam Issue Correction

ü  Resolving Slow Printing Issues

ü  Rat Bitten Printer Repair Service

ü  Inspection & Diagnosis of HP Printers

HP printer repair service in Vadalur, virudhachalam, Sethiyathope & Panruti also Fix hp printer problem


Paper jam: The main and general issue with the printer is paper jam, it means that paper is stuck inside the printer and printer is not working.  There are many reasons for paper jam some of them are given below.


Sensor Issue: There is Optical sensor which give command to printer for picking up the paper from paper tray and print. Sometime that sensor doesn’t work and cause paper Jam for the solution for this is call for the professional replacement of sensor.


Pick up roller: It is soft and rubbery surface which pick the paper from paper tray. Sometime dust or dirt in roller cause for paper jam issue. It is very sensitive thing if not done by care, then it can head.


Transfer belt: Transfer belt pick the paper and passes it through each component of hp printer to complete the printing process. Sometime due to dust, dirt or break down of transfer belt cause the Paper Jam.

Paper Tray:  Sometime putting wrong paper tray to wrong model of hp printer can cause the paper jam and we should clean paper tray time to time to make printing process smoothly.


Size of Paper: Some time wrong size of paper in paper tray cause the paper jam issue.

Ink leakage:  Toner or Ink leakage inside the hp printer could cause paper jam.

Motor Problem: There is a motor inside the printer to move and advance paper from tray to hp printer head for complete the printing process, due to motor sometime paper jam issue occur in hp printer.

Maintenance box: Its stores ink that gets bloomed from the system during print head cleaning. When an ink cartridge is used or the maintenance box is at the finish of its service life, you need to replace it.   


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